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Saturday, September 25, 2010

We are raising money for the Sons of Spanish American War Veterans, Cuba Libre Camp #172, Museum and Archives. Please donate TODAY !!

We are raising funds so we can have a permanent home for our Museum and Archives. This has been the dream of the Cuba Libre Camp since our Chartering. We need all the assistance we can get financially from all our friends and members. Our Camp Museum and Archives has a collection of books and documents dealing with the Spanish American War, The Philippine Insurrection, The Boxer Rebellion and the History of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. We also have coins and other memorabilia from 1898.
We have different options available to us, as far as the actual future permanent location of our Museum and Archives. // You can donate money (we are grateful for any amount you wish to donate to us, even if it is only a few dollars, as every dollar helps us get closer to our goal) by sending us a Money Order made out to : "The Sons of Spanish American War Veterans, Cuba Libre Camp 172" you can mail your donation to The Sons of Spanish American War Veterans, Cuba Libre Camp #172 C/O John ODonnell-Rosales, P.O. Box 667, Mobile, Alabama 36601.  Remember if we don't preserve OUR History, Who will ??

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Issue of "The National Son" now out.

We recieved the new issue of "The National Son". It has lots of great info from the Convention as well as a listing of all new National Officer's. If anyone needs a copy please email me and I will forward one to you.