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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1st Alabama Infantry Regiment 1898, Death's from Illness and Other Reason's.

Company A - Pvt. V. Walter Smith, Pvt. James M. Stewart, Pvt. Frank Maloney
Company B - Pvt. William M. Pride
Company C - Pvt. John W. Hannah
Company D - Cpl. Samuel Noble
Company E - Pvt. John F. Horton
Company F - Pvt. John F. Horton
Company G -Sgt. Philip N. Finch
Company H - None Listed
Company I - Pvt. Olin Olsen, Pvt. P. Nicholas Gaines, Pvt. Willie Thompson
There was no Company J, in the 1st Alabama infantry Regiment.
Company K - Pvt. Charles Schitz, Pvt. Fred Sizemore
Company L - Captain George F. Hart, Pvt. Robert J. McCullough
Company M - Pvt. Herman Brada, Pvt. William M. Franklin

Monday, October 26, 2009

1st Alabama Infantry Regiment, 1898.

The 1st Alabama Infantry Regiment was mustered, in for service, during the Spanish American War, on May 6th, 1898, in Mobile, Alabama. It never made it to Cuba or Puerto Rico, as the War was over before they were to arrive. The Regiment was mustered out on October 31st, 1898, at Birmingham, Alabama.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island, Alabama 1898.

Fort Gaines, on Dauphin Island, Alabama was still in use by the United States Government, in 1898. The Fort was modified, due to fear's, of a Spanish attack, with three 6-inch disappearing guns and three rapid fire 3-inch gun's. The gun's are long gone, but two of the building's used as Officer's Quarter's, during the war, are still standing outside the present Fort Gaines Historic Site and one is still in use.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sons of Spanish American War Veteran's, Cuba Libre Camp #172, FaceBook Group Set Up.

We set up a FaceBook Group, for our Camp. Please go to your FaceBook and sign up for our Group, we are getting alot of publicity via FaceBook, so tell all your friend's who are on it, to join it and also let them know about our Camp Blog. Gracias / Thank's.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The New U.S.S. New York, Sets Sail, but the name has part of it's root's, in The Spanish American War.

The U.S.S New York set sail from Avondale, Louisiana to New York, this week. She was built using steel recovered from The World Trade Center and will be commissioned, on November 7th, at the Intrepid Museum Pier. It will be home ported at Norfolk, Virginia.
There have been a total of 6 U.S.S New York's, with one (the 4th) which served in the Spanish American War. The Ship was an armoured cruiser and served as Rear Admiral William T. Sampson's  flagship, during the Battle of Santiago, Cuba and prior to that had served, at the bombardment of San Juan, Puerto Rico, on May 12th, 1898. It was finally decommissioned in 1933, in the Philippines and was scuttled, in December 1941, to prevent her capture, by the Japanese.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Murdered and Forgotten Utah Deputy Game Warden and Spanish American War Veteran Finally Honored.

Deputy Utah Game Warden and Spanish American War Veteran, Ernest Berry was finally honored today, with a headstone and full Law Enforcement Burial Honor's. He was murdered in 1914, while attempting to enforce Utah hunting law's, near the Great Salt Lake, and his badly decomposed body was quickly interred, in Mount Olivet Cemetery, in Salt Lake City. His grave was never marked, and he is the only Utah Game Warden, ever to be killed, in the line of duty. The Utah Law Enforcement Memorial and The Utah Conservation Officer's Association worked together to make sure his grave was properly marked, culminating, in the erection, of a headstone, on Wednesday October the 14th.
Ernest Berry was born, in Switzerland and enlisted to help defend and protect his new nation, during the Spanish American War, only to be murdered, by a killer, so close to home. May He Rest In Peace.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection 1898-1902, Uniform's Book.

I bought a copy of this wonderful book by Alejandro De Quesada (illustrated by Stephen Walsh) and highly recommend it to anyone who want's to see the actual uniform's worn not only by U.S. Troop's, but also member's of the Cuban Liberation Army, the Spanish Army and Filipino's. The book is available on Amazon and is part of Osprey Publication's series Men-At-Arms. If you are interested in the Spanish American War, this is a must have, for your personal library. It also makes a great gift, for anyone who had ancestor's who served, in the war or to donate to your local school or college.

Friday, October 9, 2009

President Barack Hussein Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize For 2009 // El Presidente Barack Hussein Obama Gana El Premio Nobel De Paz Para 2009.

Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of The United States of America has been Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize, for 2009. He is the third sitting U.S President to win the Award, the first being Thomas Woodrow Wilson, in 1919. Spanish American War Hero and former President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, was the first United States President to win the Award, in 1906, for his work, in helping negotiate an end to the Russo-Japanese, which lasted from February 10th, 1904-September 5th, 1905. The Treaty ending the Russo-Japanese War was signed at the U.S. Naval Station, at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on September 5th, 1905.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cuban Liberation Army // Ejercito Libertador Cubano

The Cuban Liberation Army existed from 1895-1898. It was divided into Corps and Division's. I will be posting more information, on the Cuban Liberation Army, in future post's.

Happy Columbus Day (Oct. 12th) // Feliz Dia de la Raza (12 de Oct.).

The Camp wishes all our member's and friend's a Happy Columbus Day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Issue of "The National Son", is available.

The new issue of the Sons of Spanish American War Veteran's Official Publication, "The National Son" is now available. If there are any member's who have not recieved it, feel free to email me at and I will be happy to forward a copy to you.