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Friday, July 31, 2009

Cuba Libre Camp #172 Radio Show, on BlogTalkRadio (Show #1) // Programa Radial del Campamento Cuba Libre #172, en BlogTalkRadio.

Today I did a test show on BlogTalkRadio, for our Camp Radio Show. It is a "test" show, but I think it went well and will help get our name out and that of the organization in general. You can click here and listen to the show, at your convenience. I plan on doing a show's as often as time permits. I hope you enjoy them. I am going to cover all aspect's, of the War Period 1898-1902, as well as the personalities, period history, History of The United Spanish War Veteran's, The Sons of Spanish Americian War Veteran's, The Cuban Liberation Army (Ejercito Libertador Cubano) ect. ect. Check it out, you will enjoy it !!

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  1. Hey John I listened to the show yesterday it sounds great keep it up. God Bless You