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Monday, August 31, 2009

American Legion Post # 1, Havana, Cuba

The American Legion Post #1, in Havana, Cuba was founded initially, by many Spanish American War Veteran's. The Post dedicated a Mausoleum, in Colon Cemetery, in Havana, Cuba, in 1926. This Mausoleum still stands, in Havana and holds the remain's of many Spanish American War Veteran's, World War One Veteran's, Confederate Veteran's and Union Veteran's. The last Commander of The American Legion Post, was Howard Anderson (age 41 and a World War Two Veteran), who was brutally tortured and finally excecuted, by the Castro Regime, on April 19th, 1961, after a "show trial". The old American Legion Mausoleum, is still in decent condition, even after 50 years, of neglect. It was recently videotaped, by a Canadian tourist and one can still clearly see the United Confederate Veteran's, United Spanish American War Veteran's and The Grand Army of The Republic emblem's, on the Mausoleum wall's. It is my hope to somehow get the name's, rank's, unit's, of all Veteran's buried there, I will be working on this project and will keep you informed. /// There are many Spanish American War Veteran's, Boxer Rebellion and Philippine's Insurrection Veteran's buried in many foreign nation's, if any reader's of this Blog overseas, know of any Veteran's, buried, in their Country, please send me an Email and I will add them to our Camp's historical record's.

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