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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clara Louise Maass (June 28th, 1876-August 24, 1901).

Clara Louise Maass volunteered as a contract Nurse, with the United States Army. She served with the 7th U.S. Army Corps, in Jacksonville, Florida, Savannah, Georgia and Santiago De Cuba, from October 1st, 1898-February 5th, 1899. She was discharged and volunteered again to serve in the Philippines, with the 8th Army Corps, from November 1899 to 1900, where she contracted Dengue Fever, in Manila and was again discharged. She once again returned to Cuba, to work with William Gorgas and the U.S Army's Yellow Fever Commission, at the Las Animas Hospital, Cuba. She volunteered, to be bitten by Yellow Fever carrying Mosquitoes and on the second experiment came down, with the disease and died. She was buried at Colon Cemetery, in Havana, Cuba, with full military honor's and her body was later removed to Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, New Jersey (Section L, Lot 81, Grave #2), on February 20th, 1902. She was honored, by the United States Postal Service, with a stamp, on the centennial, of her birth. The Cuban Government issued a stamp honoring her sacrifice, on the 50th Anniversary, of her death, in 1951. // This wonderful woman, a TRUE American Heroine, gave her life, so other's could live, she is an example, of sacrifice, heroism, patriotism and humility. May She Rest In Peace.

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