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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

William Lambert, Fireman 2nd Class, U.S.S. Maine.

This is one of the few existing photo's of African American Crew Man, William Lambert (of Hampton, Virginia), Fireman 2nd Class and lead pitcher, of the U.S.S. Maine's Baseball Team. He is pictured, in the uniform of the Maine's Baseball Team and is holding a baseball (left handed pitcher). He died, in the explosion, of the ship, on February 15th, 1898, along with every member, of the Baseball Team, with the exception, of John H. Bloomer (who held the rank of Landsman, on the Ship). William Lambert led the U.S.S. Maine's team, to the Navy Championship, in December, of 1897, after the team defeated the crew of the U.S.S. Marblehead. William Lambert was one of 23 African American's, on the U.S.S. Maine. May He and all his Navy Comrades, on the U.S.S. Maine, who lost their lives, on February 15th, 1898, Rest In Peace.

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