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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The New U.S.S. New York, Sets Sail, but the name has part of it's root's, in The Spanish American War.

The U.S.S New York set sail from Avondale, Louisiana to New York, this week. She was built using steel recovered from The World Trade Center and will be commissioned, on November 7th, at the Intrepid Museum Pier. It will be home ported at Norfolk, Virginia.
There have been a total of 6 U.S.S New York's, with one (the 4th) which served in the Spanish American War. The Ship was an armoured cruiser and served as Rear Admiral William T. Sampson's  flagship, during the Battle of Santiago, Cuba and prior to that had served, at the bombardment of San Juan, Puerto Rico, on May 12th, 1898. It was finally decommissioned in 1933, in the Philippines and was scuttled, in December 1941, to prevent her capture, by the Japanese.

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  1. Our Grandfather John Craig was Chief Petty Officer, ships writer, and on Admiral Sampsons Staff on the USS New York during the Spanish American War. She was on the Geoditic Survey Ship USS Batch and took a picture of the Maine the day after the Maine was blew up from the rear deck Of the USS Batch. He spied on the Spanish Fort Morro Castle guarding the Harbor. He mapped the West Coast and Asia on the USS Batch.