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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1st Alabama Infantry Regiment 1898, Death's from Illness and Other Reason's.

Company A - Pvt. V. Walter Smith, Pvt. James M. Stewart, Pvt. Frank Maloney
Company B - Pvt. William M. Pride
Company C - Pvt. John W. Hannah
Company D - Cpl. Samuel Noble
Company E - Pvt. John F. Horton
Company F - Pvt. John F. Horton
Company G -Sgt. Philip N. Finch
Company H - None Listed
Company I - Pvt. Olin Olsen, Pvt. P. Nicholas Gaines, Pvt. Willie Thompson
There was no Company J, in the 1st Alabama infantry Regiment.
Company K - Pvt. Charles Schitz, Pvt. Fred Sizemore
Company L - Captain George F. Hart, Pvt. Robert J. McCullough
Company M - Pvt. Herman Brada, Pvt. William M. Franklin

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